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Click Examples and you will see sample products and their technical specifications. Enter some characters including whole or a part of the keyword concerning the name of producer (Company), the trade mark of goods (Product) or the item number assigned by Sonthom (Code) into Search and you will find out if the searched product exists in our registered system. Our list of quality products is frequently updated and being made more and more comprehensive. We particularly pay attention to the newly manufactured products and products that continue to be of interest to customers.


We aim at a fair world where the common prosperity should be assured with transparency on product quality that people are consuming. Our Sonthom system provides you with information on high quality products and on their consistency in terms of quality which can be guaranteed everywhere, in every country all over the world.

Many famous products have been made with lower quality when the producer intends to sell them in lower-income markets or to a group of customers who do not know much about the product. This sale can only be successful when customers lack time to search for product information or they are neglectful in checking product information. Unfortunately, many goods’ suppliers have made big profits from abusing customers’ trust and credulity. This is the reason why we think it is necessary to verify the honesty of product quality and monitor production policy that makes this quality.


All products published in our list are guaranteed with two conditions:

1. The producer confirms that products were made with consciousness of high quality in order to ensure the company’s prestige and responsibility for customers.

2. The producer certifies that its products supplied all over the world are of the same quality, all differences in originated locations and in features of selling markets do not affect product quality.

We closely monitor the two above mentioned conditions and consider them our working principles. We shall withdraw the product from our list if we rate it does not deserve customers’ trust.


We all want an honest world and we have the right to enjoy products that are a result of straightforward and highly responsible production policies.

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